7 Black Makeup Artists You Need To Follow On Twitter

Now, let’s be honest. When you’re a makeup enthusiast, your favorite makeup artists are like your parents. They show you wrong from right, teach you very personal things about yourself (your foundation color, hello!), and you’re just afraid to let them down. And who wants to pick their favorite parent? It was hard, trust me it was, but I couldn’t boil it down to just one. So after months of delegating and hair pulling (my own, don’t worry), I finally picked. So here are my seven favorite black makeup artists on Twitter. Make sure to follow them and send them some love!

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My 7 Favorite Black Makeup Artists On Twitter:

1. Nikki Calloway
Nikki Calloway

Nikki Calloway is an 18-year-old self-taught makeup artist from California. Her interest in makeup began as a coping mechanism for bullying growing up. As she dived into the big bad world of makeup, she realized that her talents helped her love herself, even without makeup on. One of her favorite black makeup artists is Ivy Kungu, a Kenyan MUA, also interviewed. When she’s not slaying cut creases, Nikki loves to listen to music to clear her head. She describes the feeling as her “go to escape in stressful situations.” As a musician, I can’t be mad at that.

“Keep going. You will get there in time. It took me 37 tries (I counted) to get cut creases right. Makeup can be super frustrating at times, but you can’t better your skills by not practicing. Just keep going.”

2. Ivy Kungu

Ivy Kungu

Ivy Kungu is a fairly popular MUA that I know you’ve already heard of. Not only does she inspire Nikki, but she is also the one who inspired me, and plenty others. Ivy grew up watching her cousins doing makeup, and was immediately interested in the art, but didn’t start practicing seriously until April, when she started using it as an outlet to escape anxiety. Though she lives in Texas now, she shares my hometown of Baltimore, and a role model as well. Alissa Ashley, known for her slick TWA, is one of her role models, as well as Jackie Aina. Ivy loves literature and film, and spends the time away from her vanity curled up with a book or watching “obscene amounts of Netflix.” Can anyone else relate?

“When you find something you are truly passionate about, go for it with everything you have and don’t worry about other people. If you don’t put your all into doing what you love, you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you did.”

3. Deandre Clark

Deandre Clark

From Merced to the San Francisco Bay Area, Deandre Clark is a born and raised Califorinian, but you’d better catch that beat quick, because he’ll be off to Washington for school in the fall. The 19-year-old started his journey into makeup after he pulled off a Poison Ivy inspired look for Halloween, and began wondering what other characters he could depict. His service to this world doesn’t end with breaking gender norms in makeup and fashion. He spends a lot of his time as a peer counselor, helping others fight suicide, and making sure people feel supported. He’s also a self-proclaimed comic book geek, especially when it comes to Poison Ivy, Jean Gray and Storm. I don’t know about you, but I’m all here for the fabulous nerd aesthetic.

“You can do and be anything you want in this growing world if you apply yourself and believe in you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

4. Azzie Harris

Azzie Harris

Azzie Harris is a Valentine’s Baby who currently resides in the DMV. (That’s DC/Maryland/Virginia, for all of you nonnatives.) At the back end of 20 years, she’s launching her own makeup line called AH Cosmetics. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have all the details as soon as I do. Though she grew up wearing the very fundamental makeup looks, she got really interested in high school where she discovered black makeup artists Teaira Walker and Kathryn Bendell. Though entrepreneurship and makeup take up a lot of her time, she still takes off her Bluetooth earpiece every so often to educate herself on black culture. With Ethiopian decent, she says that “the culture is what makes [her] love being black.”

“Don’t make excuses for yourself or why you haven’t started. If you are as passionate as you say you are, you will do anything and everything to make it a reality.”

5. Trayvon Dickerson

Trayvon Dickerson

Trayvon Dickerson, born out of Mobile, Alabama, is a 19-year-old MUA currently residing in Killeen, Texas. He credits his best friend, Nicky Brazell, another self taught artist in TX, of ten years for his love of makeup. She definitely belongs on this list, if you ask me. Trayvon says he actually loves fashion more than makeup. If he’s even half as good at putting together ensembles as he is blending shadows and popping that highlighter, than I’m impressed already. He is heavily influenced by Amiyah Scott, a transgender model known for serving looks as the character Cotton on Fox’s “Star”. Well, when you have a role model like Amiya and a best friend like Nicki, how could you be anything less than fabulous?

“Always strive to reach your goals! Each and every choice you make in life will always reflect off of you first, so make every decision count.”

6. Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker is an independent MUA from Inglewood, CA. After moving around, they finally settled in Compton at 19-years-old. Anthony found their love for makeup after browsing YouTube and stumbling across Miles Jai. After binge-watching all of their videos, Auntie Jackie popped up in the related videos, and they just couldn’t stop. They’ve been doing makeup ever since. When not overusing NYX’s Micro Brow Pencil or ogling Jackie Aina through a computer screen, you can find Anthony eating, sleeping, and tweeting. Eat, tweet, slay, repeat? Doesn’t sound like a terrible routine if you ask me.

“Never. Stop. No matter how much resistance you may face in your journey, keep on going. If your look is creasing and you’re not even on to applying lashes, keep going and learn from your mistakes. If I had let myself and peoples’ negativity keep me down, I wouldn’t be a quarter as great as I currently am.”

7. Way of Yaw

Way of Yaw

Way of Yaw is a 20-year-old black makeup artist from London with makeup in his bones. He grew up playing “dress up” but put the beauty blender down until he was 19, when he started a YouTube channel. He wanted to enhance his natural look for his videos and fell right back in love with makeup, staying up late nights experimenting with new looks. After a while, he decided to stick with it, and pursue it as a career. He looks to various drag queens like Miss Fame and Kim Chi for guidance, however Stahr Milan and The Plastic Boy really influenced his to start his channel. Outside of makeup, Way of Yaw describes himself as a naturalista (a lover of natural hair care) and says he is very musical. I wonder if I can get him to do my crochet braids…

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Sometimes you need to do what you don’t like to do what you do like.”

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