10 Black Owned Jewelry Stores

10 Black Owned Jewelry Stores

If you’re anything like me, you love supporting black owned businesses. Here’s the thing: as far as cosmetic brands and restaurants, black brands are pretty easy to come by, but I’ve never randomly stumbled upon a black owned jewelry store. Check out my favorites!

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My Top 10 Black Owned Jewelry Stores:

1. SHE by Sharon

SHE by Sharon necklace

SHE by Sharon is an online store that sells handmade jewelry sets. If you wear a lot of neutral colors, definitely check out this shop!

2. KiaSoArtsy

KiaSoArtsy Bracelet

In 2011, Kia, a mother of three, began KiaSoArtsy. She also makes some pretty awesome crochet bathing suits. I’ve actually got my eyes on the rasta onepiece.

3. Erikas Kloset

Erikas Kloset Earrings

Erikas Kloset is one of my favorites on this list, because of their versatility and style. I’m a sucker for some cute glasses (that I don’t actually need and probably will lose in a week).

4. RememberMeLLC

RememberMeLLC Earrings

Don’t let the fact that this is an Etsy shop fool you. RememberMeLLC has some awesome pieces, and over 700 sales since its start in 2015.

5. PeaceImages Jewelry

PeaceImages Jewelry Necklaces

PeaceImages Jewelry seems to follow an Africa theme that I totally dig. I personally love the “I Got It Made” earrings, and hope I can catch them while they’re still on sale. I’m a sucker for dramatic jewelry.


Peace Of Color Chokers

PEACE OF COLOR was started by the sweetest (and I mean the sweetest) girl ever. Nayna also provides vegan skin care products that you should really have at your spa day.

7. Baditude the Label

Baditude Chokers

No offense ladies, but I hadn’t seen more than three styles of chokers before making this post. Thank the fashion lords for Baditude. Of course, they aren’t the only ones.

8. Diosa the Label

Diosa the Label Choker

Yeah, yeah, I know. I literally just said how unoriginal chokers were. Yeah, well prepare yourselves, because there’s another one coming. Oh, by the way, Diosa the Label also personalizes your jewelry.



If you haven’t noticed already, I’m not a fan of chokers. I just can’t get behind the overwhelming fear of suffocation. I might, however, be able to suffer these every once in a blue moon. They’re just so elegant!

10. Bjou Bjou

Bjou Bjou Earrings

Bjou Bjou embodies the term “jack of all trades”. They sell clothing, cosmetics, hair wraps, skin essentials, and handbags, all in addition to jewelry. I definitely need that ankara wrap skirt this summer.

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