10 Black Owned Skin Essentials to Send Your College Kid

When I was in college, there was a plethora of family and friends of my mother asking if they could send me a care package. Well, of course you can, but I don’t want pretty pencils. Try these black owned skin essentials if you want to make your college kid smile. Don’t add dry skin to the stress of college.

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My Top 10 Black Owned Skin Essentials:

1. Cacao Coconut Clay Mask
by Bahi

Cacao Coconut Clay Mask by Bahi

Did you leave on your makeup too long? (Probably also by Bahi) Don’t worry about it. This mask is guaranteed to leave your skin smoother than Danny Zuko. That is, unless Kenickie better suits your tastes. I won’t judge.

2. Base Butter Mini

Base Butter Mini by BASE BUTTER

Black owned skin essentials on the go? Sign me up. This pocket sized beauty will have you on fleek every day of the week. Chapped lips? Disobedient edges? Dry skin? Not. A. Problem.

3. Charlene’s Hairipy Homemade Hot Oil Treatment
by Bjou Bjou

Charlene's Hairipy Homemade Hot Oil Treatment by Bjou Bjou

Okay, I know I said black owned skin essentials, but stress can still result in hair loss, unless you use Bjou Bjou’s Hot Oil Treatment. If you don’t remember, Bjou Bjou also carries a few other products you should take a look at.

4. 100% Pure Coconut Oil Unrefined
by Fran Ngong

100% Pure Coconut Oil Unrefined by Fran Ngong

If you’ve read my post on the godsend that is coconut oil, this one should speak for itself. If you haven’t, it has about a million uses, one of them being hair moisturizer. So, yeah, again, not technically a skin essential, but it deserves to be here.

5. Heal & Repair Face Serum
by EudoraSkin

Heal & Repair Face Serum by EudoraSkin

Don’t let eczema or acne get you down. Let Eudora to take care of that for you! The serum also moisturizes and takes care of dark color spots.

6. You “GLOW” Girl
by Leon Cosmetics

You "GLOW" Girl by Leon Cosmetics

I get it, you want your daughter to have that pregnancy glow, but not necessarily that pregnancy. Don’t worry about it. In different colors, Leon Cosmetics makes sure that your baby girl is glistening all day long.

7. Herbal Nourishing Night Facial Cream
by Nubian Bar

Herbal Nourishing Night Facial Cream by Nubian Bar

There’s nothing I love more than a night cream. Am I right? Waking up and feeling fresh in the morning is absolutely something that everyone should aspire to do. No problem with this black owned skin essential.

8. Face Scrub
by OalikaCosmetics

Face Scrub by OalikaCosmetics

Okay, who can resist this super tempting face scrub? Acne, scars, discoloration. Oalika’s got you!

9. Argan Honey Lip Scrub
by Black Orchid Beauty

Argan Honey Lip Scrub by Black Orchid Beauty

I am a liquid lipstick fiend, so my lips are always dry. I knew it was a problem when I started getting crazy looks from my friends after putting lotion on my lips. Not terrible, but why do it? This lip scrub is completely edible, by the way.

10. Bodybutta
by Nolaskinsentials

Bodybutta by Nolaskinsentials

While I do get a certain natural glow from running across campus (though you may call it sweat), there’s nothing wrong with a little assistance. This company literally has “essential” in the title (kind of), so you’ve got to check it out!

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