12 Weird Holidays in 2017 You Didn’t Know Exist

Monday was National Napping Day, and Tuesday was Pi Day, which got me thinking. There’s an entire calendar of weird holidays that nobody really knows about or celebrates. Kinda seems like a shame if you ask me. Everyday should be celebrated in my opinion. Well, let’s get to celebrating!

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12 Weird Holidays You Didn’t Know Exist:

1. Celebrate those whose last names begin with Z

January 1

2. Send a Card to a Friend Day

February 7

3. National Potato Chip Day

March 14

4. Barbershop Quartet Day

April 11

5. No Diet Day

May 6

6. Go Skating/Skateboarding Day

June 21

7. National Lasagna Day

July 29

8. Kiss and Makeup Day

August 25

9. National Good Neighbor Day

September 28

10. World Smile Day

October 7

11. Stay at Home Because You are Well Day

November 30

12. National Chocolate Covered Everything Day

December 16

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