If you struggle with telling your co worker why they can’t touch your hair, then you’ll feel right at home here. Noir Post was created to address racial issues in society and celebrate blackness for more than 28 days. Growing up in the D.C. area with a fairly open minded family, I met people from all walks of life, and I knew that was a privilege not awarded to everyone. Even still, when I went to West Virginia University to study music, I was surprised at just how much I had learned from living in a diverse community, and how much some of my classmates had not. I’d always been passionate about my race, my gender, and my sexuality, and other things that separate me from the norm, but it really grew in high school as certain controversies became more commonly known. Outraged at the state of our great nation, I joined the Black Student Union and volunteered at events for my high school’s Gay Straight Alliance. Both opened my eyes to an entire world I had never been to, and an entire self I had never met. Living as a black queer woman has given me a unique experience in this world, and the perspectives and beliefs I share might not apply to everyone.